Well we are back! We went to Thanksgiving at Caitlin’s dad’s house. I got to see her family which includes Grandma Morgan, Olivia, Jake, Elena, and good ol’ Dave. Even the kitties got to have a fun vacation since they got to come along. All in all it was a pretty good experience. The best part is that Grandma Morgan cleaned and cooked. Oh wait…NO! The best part is that I was supposed to work at Target on that day, but I was the only person who got to not work that day. I am so happy about that. I think it would have ruined my holiday to be working that night. Instead I got to have turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, bread, homemade stuffing, and pretzel salad. Oh man was that meal good. I think what makes this holiday so much fun is my foodie side! I have to always be conservative with eating or limited to a cheaper meal. On this holiday though, I get to stuff my face. I didn’t eat as much as I had thought I would. I should have abstained from food the day before so that I could easily eat too much! NOM NOM NOM.