The Voices Outside My Head


It is 8:15am on a Saturday morning. My night ends with a closing of Target at 1am. I see Caitlin getting ready for work at the hospital and can tell she isn’t in a very fit state of mind. She had five beers the night before and I could tell when I had come home due to an odor of alcohol near where she slept. The way that I tell is from her eyes and mouth. Her eyes are one of her more attractive qualities, being that they are bright and big. They just seem to know how to capture sunlight. This morning they are not as open and have no shine to them. Maybe she is still tired. Then there is her mouth. Her dad, a slightly grumpy guy, had lines around his mouth when focused or agitated. These same lines appear around Caitlin’s lips when she grimaces, as she is at this moment in time. She isn’t having a good morning. I hear the voices of NPR playing her favorite program- A Day In the Life. I enjoy this program as well, but not as much as her. “Hi”. She looks at me and responds, but she isn’t 100% and with our coffee fast she surely won’t be for awhile. I get up and slip into the shower as she is in the kitchen doing who knows what. It is 9:15am now so she will be leaving soon.

I apply the peppermint shampoo we have and enjoy the warm water running down my back. I don’t have work until 5:30pm today so I allot some extra time to the shower. Suddenly I realize a problem. There are no longer any voices coming from the apartment. I meekly call out her name,”Caitlin”. No response. I presume she has gone without saying goodbye and giving me a kiss. Since this is something I always feel is necessary for a good day I become sad and begin to slump in the shower. I continue my shower for a few minutes and then see a shadow pass by the open door! Could it be? IT IS. Caitlin has not left and she came into the bathroom. “Hey I’m leaving. Give me a kiss.” I stick out my head and give her a few wet ones. I explain that I was sad because I thought she had left without getting some lovin’. She just shakes her head, says she didn’t hear, and that she has to go. That’s okay by me. I got my day started off right after all!

True love is nice.


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