Tiny House


Addison and I have always fantasized about living in a mobile home. A tiny RV or one we can pull around with a truck. Plant it anywhere we want and live there. I guess the desire for this stems from a want for freedom. Being forced to limit your material possessions and having the world be your living room, no rent to pay and ability to move where your heart desires. You would be forced to focus on the more important aspects of life. Such as relationships. And you would have the quiet to listen to your body and everything around you. It would be so much easier to know what the right decision to make next is.. to go with the flow.

I have seen bloggers mention tiny houses before and seen pictures. It was very intriguing – I had no idea people lived like this!

I stumbled upon a documentary on Netflix about a guy building a Tiny House. He reminded of me and Addison and was very inspiring. I never seriously considered of BUILDING OUR OWN home until now! It would be a learning process but it’s something we could do.


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